The Perfect Spin is a Sleeping Partners – Branding Asia Initiative.

The Sleeping Partners is a creative agency based in Singapore. We constantly aspire to produce captivating and memorable solutions for enterprises with regards to marketing, public relations, branding initiatives and special events.

We aim to help businesses create and market great content and insure it reaches the widest audience possible. Our creative team has a unique combination of media knowledge, business relationships and operating expertise.

Businesses that partner with us expect to transform themselves through the strategic use of ingenuity, innovation and creativity.

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Branding Asia – The Perfect Spin

As part of The Sleeping Partners Branding Asia initiative, we have launched the first of many projects, the first being The Perfect Spin. The Perfect Spin aims to help marketers and PR Practioners to learn valuable insights from our experiences and maybe share their own with us. This blog has been set up as a reference tool for all practioners.

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This blog aims to champion game changing PR initiatives. We believe every brand has a story, some blockbusters others not.  Regardless, we feel it fair to share both. Feel free to email us with your stories and comments to:


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