Fiona Fussi wins Elite Model Look 2011 – Singapore

15 year old Singaporean Fiona Fussi is the winner in the Elite Model Look Singapore 2011, beating 12 other models.

Fiona, born to an Austrian father and Hong Kong mother, will be competing Shanghai on 6 December 2011 to compete with almost 80 peers from 60 countries.

Louise Arild, 16 year old Danish, came in 2nd Runner Up
Putri Diana Abdullah, 18 year old Singaporean, came in 1st Runner Up

Louise Arild (Second Runner Up), Fiona Fussi (Winner of Elite Model Look 2011 Singapore), Putri Diana Abdullah (First Runner Up)

superadrianme also reports that the other 11 girls who participated in the Finals will also be getting a contract with Elite Models in Singapore:
– Amanda Neo, 20 year old Singaporean (176 cm)
– Bianca Tijuana White, 15 year old Singaporean (172 cm)
– Cazmeer Leenher, 16 year old Singaproe resident with Indian-Dutch heritage (170 cm)
– Josephine Gardin, 15 year old Swedish (173 cm)
– Leehe B, 14 year old British (173 cm)
– Mikaela Bartlett, 14 year old Australian (173 cm)
– Nessa Lee, 18 year old Singaporean (174 cm)
– Rachel Dean, 19 year old British (185 cm) – Tallest contestant
– Rachel Issenberg, 15 year old Australian (173 cm)

Fiona Fussi Wins the Elite Model Look 2011 Singapore

Elite Model Look 2011 Singapore Facebook
Elite Model Singapore (Official Website)
Fiona Fussi Site (
Fiona Fussi

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