Meet Audrey Tan

Singaporean Audrey Tan, the first Asian to be crowned Miss Erotica in an adult-themed contest in New Zealand, says she aspires to be a porn star.

The 27-year-old, who lives in New Zealand, beat eight other contestants in a two-week public vote for the best nude model in New Zealand earlier this year. The competition was organised by events organiser Erotica Lifestyles Expo.

Following her success, Tan has expressed her interest in pursuing a career in pornography.

“Since I was young, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. I’ve always been curious and interested in the adult entertainment industry,” Tan told The New Paper. “The thing with me is, when I do something, I’d like to do it well,” she added.

“Annabel Chong has done it, Tila Tequila is doing it, so what’s wrong with a dream of being the next Singaporean to make it big on the scene?” she said.

Annabel Chong and Tila Tequila were born in Singapore and worked their way into the adult industry in the United States. Chong was born and raised in Singapore and became a porn star when she was studying in the States.

Tequila, whose real name is Tila Nguyen, was born in Singapore and ventured into the entertainment industry when her family relocated to the States. She has posed for men’s magazine and has her own reality show.

As Miss Erotica, Tan took home about NZ$5,000 (S$4,970) from the competition and is an ambassador of the expo. Tan also participated in a “Boobs on Bike” parade where she appeared topless on a vehicle parading on the streets of Auckland and Hamilton.

“The money’s not great but the title will give me the exposure I need to make it big as an international sex star,” she noted.

Tan, a single mother of two young children aged four and eight, now works as an events manager at Auckland University and also as a part-time stripper and nude model. She started dancing as a stripper at 18 but stopped after a year. She returned to it recently after splitting from her boyfriend.

She told the paper that the university has no qualms with her other job as she keeps them exclusive from each other. “Employers here look at your qualifications and experience for the job, and as long as it doesn’t affect their business. And what I do is perfectly legal,” she said.

The busty model said she spent around NZ$9,000 (S$8,942) for a breast enlargement procedure in the Middle East. Tan enlarged her breasts from a B-cup to a DD-cup and she said she did it in the Middle East because it was cheaper and better.

As for her two young children, Tan said she doesn’t hide what she does from them. “They know what I do and they have seen the photos, media, magazines and billboards,” said Tan.

“They are not judgemental… They know mummy is not just a porn model, she is more than that,” she added. Her father, who moved to New Zealand with Tan and her stepmother, is also okay with her work as a nude model.

Her mother, who lives in Singapore and manages a chain of hair and beauty salons here, is unaware of her work as a nude model and breast enlargement procedure.

“I’m sure my mum will be shocked, but I don’t think she’ll be entirely surprised,” said Tan, who visits Singapore once a year.

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