Iphone 4S in Singapore


Good news Singaporeans. You may have heard it mentioned during Apple’s keynote that Singapore will be the first Southeast Asian country to get the iPhone 4S, but that there was no mention on which telco will be launching the handset.

We’ve contacted the three Singapore telcos for availability and pricing, but spokespersons from the companies have declined to comment on the above. However, they did confirm that they will be bringing in the handset.

SingTel’s spokesperson was confident, stating that the company “will be offering the iPhone 4S”. M1 was more direct, stating that it will be “carrying the device as soon as it arrives in Singapore”. StarHub added that it “looks forward to launching the (iPhone) 4S in Singapore”. Seeing as how Apple has announced an October 28 launch, it looks like the telcos have all but indirectly confirmed a launch date.


Reporting by CNET ASIA

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