Facebook Me!

The need for man to communicate in the 21st century has long been transformed. From the days of sealed envelopes which took anywhere from 3-6 months to reach its intended recipient, today we are all connected to our friends, loved ones and business associates with a click of a mouse.

Brands have catapulted into fame overnight (Facebook), Once private diaries are now readily available for the entire world to view (Blogs) your favourite celebrities now seem more normal than they were initially made out to be (Twitter) and Christmas home videos seem to have a lot more fans and comments than you expected (YouTube).

The rise of social media has created a new wave of communication practices and the number of people benefiting from these outlets is in the millions. From business owners to John Smith, many are tapping on the power of social media to reach God-like status in cyber world. Even Hollywood has created a movie on Facebook in recent times. But will the bubble burst?

Many have said that unless the desktop becomes redundant, social media is here to stay. Whereas others are a bit more cautious and expect social media to start taking a tumble when the social media platform becomes a bit more diluted and privacy becomes a major issue.

But that being said, my advice to businesses and individuals is to ride the wave. Social media has deflated marketing costs that were once considered a key component in survivability. Marketers are using these platforms to reach their intended consumers and clients on a daily basis. The best part of using social media is its FREE!! Businesses and product managers have left the middle men out of the equation and are now communicating directly to their consumers. The industries that might find this a threat or a blessing to their longevity include the Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising firms.

The rise of social media marketing has prompted many companies today to create completely new departments specialising in social media. Some of these ‘in’ jobs include ‘Social Media Strategist’, ‘New Media Manager’ and ‘Social Media Campaign Manager’. As strange as these appointments might sound, these are some of the hottest jobs paying top dollar.

Whether you consider social media a boon or a bane- its here to stay. Use it responsibly and the boundaries are limitless. It is getting more common to find family members on Facebook and than it is at home. So the next time you run out of business cards at a networking session, feel free to throw these 2 words around – ‘Facebook me!’

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