The Singapore International Film Festival 2011

Date: 15 Sep 2011 to 25 Sep 2011

Address: Shaw Lido

Description: Presented by: Singapore International Film Festival

Primary screening venue: Shaw Lido

Secondary screening venue: Sinema Old School and The Arts House

Venue for workshops, talks and symposium: LASALLE School of the Arts

The Singapore International Film Festival is an annual event which screens a wide selection of features, shorts, documentaries and art films from across the globe. It is a platform for aspiring Singaporean and Asian filmmakers to showcase their work, as well as a window to world cinema. The 24th edition of the Singapore International Film Festival run from Sept 15-25, featuring a diverse mix of films from Azerbaijan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Tibet and many more.

This year’s festival will open with Red Light Revolution, a comedy revolving around a jobless taxi driver who sets up a sex shop in Beijing. Directed by Sam Voutas, the film offers a witty take on sexual liberation in modern China. Critically acclaimed documentary Senna, which chronicles the life and works of racing legend Aryton Senna, will close SIFF and the Grand Prix weekend with a big bang at Shaw Lido on 25 September.

The festival has categorised the films into 16 segments, each representing a different genre, style or subject matter. These segments are: Singapore Panorama (Singaporean feature films made this year), International Shorts, C’est la Vie (dramas), The Best Medicine (comedies), Wham! Bam! Pow! (action), Reality Bites (documentaries), Indie Goes 3D (3D documentaries), Midnight Madness (horror/thriller), Down the Rabbit Hole (experimental), Animation, Seeing Music, Hearing Film (music documentaries), Beyond Twilight: From Nosferatu to Pontianak (vampire), Australian Film Focus, Bertrand Tavernier Retrospective, Everyone’s Gotta Start Somewhere (early works of well-known directors) and Muppets, Music & Magic: Jim Henson’s Legacy.

Tickets start at $10 and will be available from SISTIC soon. Screenings will take place at Shaw Lido, Sinema Old School and The Arts House. For more information, visit

Films to look out for:

The Tree of Life (USA) Sep 16, 9:30pm, Shaw Lido

Buddha Mountain (China) Sep 16, 9:30pm, Shaw Lido

Floating Lives (Vietnam) Sep 18, 1:30pm, The Arts House

Animal Town (South Korea) Sep 18, 3:30pm, Shaw Lido

I Have Loved (Singapore) Sep 18, 7pm, Shaw Lido

Tilt (Bulgaria) Sep 19, 9:30pm, Shaw Lido

beside(s,) happiness (HK) Sep 20, 7pm, Sinema Old School

Curry Munchers (New Zealand) Sep 20, 7pm, The Arts House

Senna (UK) Sep 25, 9:30pm, Shaw Lido

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